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Level Up! Training and Coaching Inspires People…to Inspire People

It’s OK to not get everything done. It’s acceptable to not be perfect.

Whew! Feels good to hear, right? Once you realize you can’t do everything, you can start thinking about, planning for, and pursuing the things you really want to do. Dream big, then dream bigger.

Lyndsay Stafford, a top earner with Rodan + Fields and a 20-year personal and professional development expert, helps you create a long-term vision and plan for how you want your life to look. You’ll establish priorities and purpose and master the mindset necessary for beyond-your-wildest-dreams success. When you believe in yourself, you’ll inspire others to join you on a journey to greatness.

Topics Include:

  • Daily income-producing activity
  • Leveraging Social Media
  • Client Care
  • Growing a Successful Business while working
  • Growing your network
  • Driving Duplication
  • Recruiting 101
  • Events: Leveraging virtual and in-person to WIN
  • Building your brand
  • Onboarding
  • Planning, goal setting, and strategizing for the year ahead
…and more!

Customized Training Solutions

Level Up! with Lyndsay

Finding a balance between your many responsibilities is key, and joining this exclusive community of like-minded women and gaining increased access to Lyndsay Stafford’s coaching and training will help you discover that balance.

Breakthrough Session

Schedule a 60-minute Breakthrough call with Lyndsay Stafford and get alignment on goals for your life and career. She’ll offer insights and strategies for building your business on your terms, and she’ll you determine your next power move.

Corporate Training

Discover strategies for leading effectively, creating a results-driven culture, attracting top talent, and enhancing the customer experience.


What Our Clients Have to Say

Lydia C.

“Thank you for your generosity and grit! I’m implementing your systems and the stress of running a business has decreased!”

Kelly R.

“You have been LIFE CHANGING for me in just a few short calls. You have no idea the impact you have had. Forever grateful for you and excited for a few more weeks of your goodness!!”

Joanna A.

“Learned so much from this training yesterday with Lyndsay Stafford. Working smarter not harder is crucial to not wasting time. Create Systems for things you do consistently. Implemented what she taught into my day today and it’s already changing the way I run my day… and not let my day run me.”

Catalina R.

“Thank you Lyndsay Stafford for spending your time motivating and providing tools for others to manage their time and attitude; amazing training.”

Meg Z.

“If you’re looking to amplify your business potential, or figure out how to organize your time and create a schedule for awesome productivity - Lyndsay Stafford is your girl! Her training is awesome!”

Tamara W.

“I am learning so much from this group training with Lyndsay Stafford! She also offers personal one on one training that is helping me reach deep into who I am and what i have to offer! The confidence and community are a bonus!”

Nichol H.

“Y'all I cannot express enough how this AMAZINGLY generous, giver of her time has helped me grow my business! If you are in network marketing or have ANY social media platform for your business, please reach out to her, Lyndsay Stafford, and get in this training group!"

Megan Z.

“Tuesday nights for the past two months have meant investing not only in my business but also personal development. Lyndsay has so much knowledge to share. Tonight I learned more about serving my clients! Serving my clients is one of my top priorities.”

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