What Our Clients Have to Say

“Had my 1st training with this beauty last night and already looking forward to the next one! Super excited to pour into my business.”

Christina M.

“Thank you for your generosity and grit! I’m implementing your systems and the stress of running a business has decreased!”
Lydia C.

“You are such a great leader & trainer. Thank you for helping this gal learn how to work smarter, not harder.”
Ellen L.

“You have been LIFE CHANGING for me in just a few short calls. You have no idea the impact you have had. Forever grateful for you & excited for a few more weeks of your goodness!!”
Kelly R.

“Working on me so that I can help others!! Learning a lot about myself and growing as I work through the hard stuff!! Worth every penny spent to have Lyndsay Stafford one on one!!”

Tamara W.

“Attended a training last night by Lyndsay Stafford and OMGOSH was it amazing. This is the kind of training I have been CRAVING for the past two years! I am so excited about the upcoming trainings and how much more I can learn, absorb and put into practice – make a system.”
Amber T.

“Had a fantastic training session with the gorgeous woman about systems & planning this morning! Thanks so much, Lyndsay! Now to start putting it all in place!”

Amelia R.

“Listening to an AMAZING leadership training with Lyndsay Stafford while stuffing gifts. SO thankful for this community of selfless leaders who pour into other teams.”
Tanya C.

“Learned so much from this training yesterday with Lyndsay Stafford. Working smarter, not harder, is crucial to not wasting time. Create Systems for things you do consistently. Implemented what she taught into my day today, and it’s already changing the way I run my day… and not let my day run me.”

Joanna A.

“Be present, is one of my biggest lessons I listened to this week from my business coach Lyndsay Stafford. Sometimes you just need to learn to schedule and respect your time (still learning lol).”

Lilana E.

“‘You are in control of two things in your life: Your time and your attitude” Thank you Lyndsay Stafford for that mic drop!”
Rachel T.

“Thank you, Lyndsay Stafford, for spending your time motivating and providing tools for others to manage their time and attitude; amazing training.”

Catalina R.

“I’ve challenged myself to pray more. I’ve also learned from Lyndsay Stafford business Coaching how I can get so much more from my life by simplifying it and scheduling the things that matter most.”

Nichol H.

“Training with this #BossBabe every Tuesday brightens my life. She is a force of nature!”

Patty S.

“Working smarter, not harder, is sure helping this full-time working, mamma do bigger and better things!”

Amber A.

“If you’re looking to amplify your business potential or figure out how to organize your time and create a schedule for awesome productivity – Lyndsay Stafford is your girl! Her training is open now, and it’s awesome!”

Meg Z.

“Loving my business coach, Lyndsay Stafford. If you need help with organization, planning, consistency, you need to work smarter, not harder. She is a successful entrepreneur with Rodan + Fields and has a full-time job.”

Darlene K.

“Learning from one of my favorite people about leadership tonight, Lyndsay Stafford.”

Leann S.

“Week two of Lyndsay Stafford training. I needed this boost. Right mindset + hard work = kicking ass.”
Catalina R.

“I am learning so much from this group training with Lyndsay Stafford! She also offers personal one-on-one training that is helping me reach deep into who I am and what I have to offer! The confidence and community are a bonus!”
Tamara W.

“Thank you for your coaching, Lyndsay Stafford. I am so thankful to know the strategies to work both real estate and my online business. Execution is key!!”

Darlene K.

“Getting some GREAT golden nuggets to help become a better consultant for my business.”
Meg Z.

“I was so swamped with work yesterday that I had very little energy for anything else. But there’s something about working towards your own goals and showing up for yourself that completely changes a “work call” like this from a chore to a much-needed motivation session. Being your own boss has its challenges, but when you have leadership teams that pour into you and genuinely want you to succeed, you move differently. You show up. Thanks, Lyndsay Stafford.”

Joanna A.

“Tuesday Trainings are my fav! Learning about leadership tonight! Thank you, Lyndsay Stafford.”
Jade P.

“I posted a picture of myself…fully of myself, and the responses I received have been insane. While I always knew I should be doing a lot of what you have told me to do, it is just different having a major success-story telling you DO IT! Still wildly uncomfortable posting pics of myself, but finally realizing it’s not really about me at the end of the day and my ego is holding me back.”
Kelly R.

“Y’all I cannot express enough how this AMAZINGLY generous giver of her time has helped me grow my business! If you are in network marketing or have ANY social media platform for your biz, please reach out to her, Lyndsay Stafford, and get in this training group! Work smarter, NOT harder!”

Nichol H

“If you are in an MLM, she offers training to all. Not just R+F! Re-listening to her because this info is the bomb! I’m so glad I found Lyndsay Stafford.”
Haley Y.

“Love training with this amazing woman! Always brings fire to the table!”
Aleta S.

“Tuesday training! Love hearing the real and raw from this boss babe!”
Tina C.

“Month two of training with this badass, commence.”
Catalina R.

“Training with this #BossBabe every Tuesday brightens my life. She is a force of nature!”
Patty S.

“Thank you for tonight’s training, Lyndsay Stafford. So many great takeaways, I need to watch the replay.”
Amy W.

“Another amazing training in the books! Thank you, Lyndsay Stafford, for all the motivation and great tips! I love the community and camaraderie I get with R+F!”
Shayna H.

“Tuesday nights for the past 2 months has meant investing not only in my business but also personal development. Lyndsay has so much knowledge to share. Tonight I learned more about serving my clients! Serving my clients is one of my top priorities. I truly want all of my clients to be happy and love their decisions for their skin!”
Megan Z.

“Know your priorities! What will you sacrifice & what will you not?”
Danielle D.

“So excited for my next coaching session with Lyndsay Stafford tonight! This girl knows how to motivate!”
Shayna H.

“So excited about training with this girl tonight. She shared many tips and life hacks on time management and balancing life.”
LaDonna T.

“Invest in yourselves!! Just got off an amazing coaching zoom call with the amazing Lyndsay Stafford! Whether you’re in network marketing or not, this girl will motivate you!”
Shayna H.

“Just got off a ???? training with Lyndsay Stafford. She shares all the juice and serves from a heart of abundance!”
Megan Z.